Cosmetic dentistry is a great way to replace lost teeth or perhaps repair other dental issues such as reshaping the gum line to fill in spaces between your teeth or perhaps even teeth whitening. There are many options available to you thanks to cosmetic dentistry!

If you are unsure if cosmetic dentistry is right for you or are wondering if it’s the right time for it, let’s talk a bit more about cosmetic dentistry.

If you’re missing teeth, you’re not alone. Many American’s over 30 have missing teeth. Dental implants are increasingly popular and are the perfect option if you’re looking to replace a missing tooth. Implants look, act, and feel just like your normal teeth, which gives them an advantage over dentures. In addition, implants also last much longer than dentures and offer more comfort.

If you have had a cavity within the past ten years or so that has become gray or discolored and doesn’t match the rest of your smile, you can restore its color. Your dentist can offer a colored filling to fix these issues. A colored filling will allow you to replace your old and discolored fillings with a tooth-colored filling that will let your tooth match the rest of your smile!

If you live in Federal Way, Washington, and are looking into cosmetic dentistry, please call Art of the Smiles at 253-839-4048 to set up an appointment with Dr. Amanda Huang today.

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