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Life is sometimes chaotic and your teeth can be knocked out or just fall out, and leave a gap in your smile. Because you are a patient of Dr. Huang at Art of the Smiles, though, the problem does not need to persist; Dr. Huang can replace your missing tooth with a method called dental implanting.

Dental implants are prosthetic teeth that are attached to titanium posts or frames in the mouth, so they can permanently replace lost teeth. This technique is a great replacement for other tooth restoration methods because it gives the teeth a natural and real feel. To receive implants, you must have healthy gums and a strong jaw to support the structure, and you need to be willing to meticulously scrub, clean, and take care of the prosthetic teeth.

Dr. Huang may offer two kinds of dental implants. They are:

— Subperiosteal implants:
This treatment could also be called a frame implant because it utilizes a titanium framework that fits around the jaw in order to attach to it. A bar is attached to the frame and emerges above the gum. A tooth is cemented onto the top of the metal bar.

— Endosteal implants:
Endosteal implants use titanium bars that are directly embedded into the jaw. These also emerge from the top of the gum. When cementing the tooth to the metal, the same technique as subperiosteal implants is used.

Both kinds of dental implants are painless.

When considering whether to get dental implants, it is important to understand that you will need to take good care of them. Proper dental hygiene takes twice-a-day brushing and once-a-day flossing. If you can follow through with that habit, you will almost definitely avoid any problems with your implant.

To find out if implants are the best option for you, call our practice, Art of the Smiles, in Federal Way, Washington, to schedule an appointment. Our phone number is 253-839-4048.