Having a very busy lifestyle is definitely not an

excuse to neglect your personal dental care. You don’t

really want to have plaque and other bacteria staying

inside your mouth, right?

It takes just a few minutes a day for you to combat

and prevent the spread of bacteria, plaque and

cavities in your mouth. Simple tooth brushing and

mouth care procedures can take your teeth a long way.

Simple Brushing Tips Brushing just the front of your

teeth won’t do your teeth a lot of good. When you

brush your teeth, don’t just focus on your front teeth

just because you think that they are the ones more

exposed to world. You also have to brush your teeth

along the sides and those located at the back of your


When you brush your teeth, don’t be too harsh on your

gums. Make sure that your brush strokes should be away

from your gums, not towards. When you brush your

teeth, try not to rush. The suggested time spent for

brushing one’s teeth is at least three minutes.

If you don’t really want to exceed three minutes, you

can use a timer or play a song that lasts for three

minutes. Choosing the right toothbrush would also make

your brushing time more enjoyable.

If you are not comfortable with your toothbrush

anymore, there’s no reason for you not to ditch it and

buy a new one. If you have sensitive teeth and gums, a

toothbrush with soft bristles would be perfect for

you. However, if you have pretty strong teeth, you can

use medium or hard bristles for you to clean your

teeth better.

It is also advised that you change your toothbrush

every three months. If it’s hard for you to keep track

of the days and months, you can opt to buy a

toothbrush that comes with a color indicator that

would tell you that it’s time to change your


Learn To Floss Your Teeth As most dental care

commercials would say, brushing alone is not enough to

ensure that your mouth and teeth is 100% clean.

True enough, you can’t really guarantee that you will

end up having extremely clean teeth by just brushing

alone. If you want to take the cleanliness and

freshness of your teeth and mouth to the net level,

then you might want to learn how to floss your teeth.

People who floss for the first time may find it a bit

weird and difficult to do. However, with enough

practice, flossing can become an easy job. Dental

floss helps a lot in getting rid of food remnants

stuck in your teeth where toothbrushes can’t reach.

Visit Your Dentist Now that you already know the basic

steps in maintaining a healthy set of teeth, it

doesn’t mean that you can already skip visits to your


It is still very important to visit your dentist at

least twice a year because there are really some

procedures (such as oral prophylaxis) that only

dentists can do.

Having your teeth cleaned professionally by a dentist

is really a different and better experience than

simple brushing and flossing. Enhance your personal

dental care by integrating regular brushing and

flossing and visiting the dentist at least twice a


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