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Have you ever noticed that some foods are often put on high notice for being hazardous to your health but very few products are ever known to do the opposite? The reason is because the act of chewing and eating wears down our teeth regardless of what the substance may be. However, that does not mean all products damage teeth, as some actually do have beneficial properties.

One of the most important functions your mouth provides is the creation of saliva. Saliva can help wash away plaque and food particles from your teeth and gums as well as neutralize acids on your teeth. Some foods function to increase saliva production in your mouth. This includes crunchy foods with high water content, such as apples or pears. Chewing sugarless gum after meals can also protect your mouth by increasing saliva production.

Did you know that some foods can actually help to keep your tooth enamel strong? Minerals such as calcium and phosphorous have also been shown to help strengthen and re-mineralize tooth enamel. Some foods that have high levels of calcium or phosphorus include a variety of meats, specifically chicken, many types of cheeses, milk, and a wide assortment of nuts.

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