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Art of the Smiles
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byTrish H. onArt of the Smiles

My initial consult was quick and easy. Was kinda uncomfortable because I had to see the office staff argue with an ex patient. They have strict policies on canceling at least 24 hours in advance and aren't afraid to drop you as a patient if you're always late or miss your appts. I respect that because it's a courtesy to let someone know if you're not going to be some where you planned for.  (The ex patient got dropped for missing appts and came in to argue about it. So it wasn't the staff's fault and they did bring me to the back area quickly so I didn't have to endure the awkwardness for very long.)

My second appt I had several fillings and a molar extracted. It's weird because you can hear the patient next to you and I'm sure the awful drill and tooth cracking sounds coming from my procedures were terrifying to anyone nearby me. (No privacy but it is a small office so there's nothing that can be done. The office is arranged nicely so it looks good and they utilized their space well.)

The Doctor does know what she's doing and she never pressured me into any thing that I didn't want to do. She explained everything before we started so I had an idea what to expect.

It is a newer office so I think all the staff are still figuring little details out. Also I feel the Doctor is over booking herself and the reason the bed side manners are lacking just a little is because she needs to get everyone in and out in a timely manner. She does accept DSHS insurance, which is hard to find because most dentists will only accept children and not adults, and I think that's why she's getting overbooked.  There's just not enough Dentists willing to accept state insurance. So as a DSHS patient I really appreciate a nice and clean private practice dentist to accept my insurance.  Even though I'm on the state insurance the staff and Doctor still make me feel like a valued customer and not just a burden.

All around this is a great dentist for adults or children.  Clean, organized, friendly and gentle!

byS. J. onArt of the Smiles

I've been a patient for many years now, and let's just say that even though I live about an hour away, I refuse to go anywhere else. Dr. Huang has helped me through multiple crowns, bruxism, and sensitivity issues, and my favorite aspect of her and everyone else in the office is that no one has ever made me feel like I'm asking too much or that I'm being annoying. They welcome me warmly and answer my questions with care. There was a period of time during which I was seeing Dr. Huang more than my friends, but it was well worth it and for the first time in my life, I feel as though I'm headed towards a place of dental stability.

byRachael K. onArt of the Smiles

I've been seeing this dentist for a few months now, I have to say it's been a great experience.
My previous dentist was careless and not very professional. The dentist here is amazing and kind. Always making sure I'm comfortable and not in any pain when I have fillings done. The staff is extremely friendly and the ability to get an appointment when i need it is extremely easy.

I would highly recommend this place, I'm extremely happy with the decision I made to find a new dentist and I picked a great one.


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