Everyone knows that brushing and flossing regularly are crucial to proper dental care and having healthy teeth. By following your dental care regimen you’re cleaning and fortifying your teeth, and that is excellent! Unfortunately, sometimes people forget that what they do in-between brushings matters as well!

Most of us tend to have a beverage that is near and dear to our heart. For some, it may be a sports drink to refresh and hydrate after a workout. For others, it may be a soda or coffee to recharge during the day. In some cases, it may be an alcoholic beverage, and for many it may even be a sensible “water with lemon.” Each of these popular drinks come with some side effects.

Sports drinks and soda are loaded with sugar. The bacteria found in plaque love sugar. They use it to produce acids which are harmful to your enamel. Coffee and tea, unless they are consumed plain, also tend to be full of sugary add-ons. Since coffee and tea can leave stains on teeth, it is recommended to drink plenty of water along with them.

Alcohol leads to a dry mouth, and over time a dehydrated mouth means less saliva. This is important to know because less saliva can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Additionally, heavy alcohol consumption can increase your risk of developing mouth cancer.

And lastly, a nice, simple glass of ice water with a squirt of lemon isn’t as harmless as it seems. That citric acid will remain on your teeth, attacking your enamel. Watch out for citrus, even as a water enhancer.

When it comes to beverages, lean on good old-fashioned water as your main go-to and you’ll be protecting your teeth from a lot of extra sugar and harmful risks. Give Art of the Smiles a call here in Federal Way, Washington at 253-839-4048 to learn more about making smart beverage choices today!

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