At home teeth whitening is definitely preferable to professional laser treatments at the dentist office. For one thing, it’s much cheaper. Also, if you use the right solutions, the results will be permanent.

However, not all “at home” solutions are equal. There are so many remedies, it can be hard to know which is best. Here are three of the best ways to get whiter teeth from the comfort of home:


#1) Eat more raw foods

These often have natural teeth whitening ingredients in them. That’s not to say you can’t have cooked foods. However, most of your diet should be composed of raw fruits and vegetables.

Also, you should try to cut down on your consumption of processed foods. This is quite destructive for the teeth, and should be avoided if at all possible.


#2) Eliminate colored drinks

Ideally you want to get rid of coffee, sodas, etc. If you absolutely can’t eliminate them, consider using a straw. This will at least reduce the damage, because the liquid won’t be in direct contact with your teeth. However, eventually you should eliminate them altogether.

Replace them with purified water.

The health benefits of water are well known. However, make sure it doesn’t contain fluoride. This has proven to have negative effects on the teeth, including discoloring them.


#3) Use “fluoride free” toothpaste

As mentioned above, fluoride harms the teeth color. If you are using it two to three times a day, imagine the damage being caused!

What about “at home” over the counter products?

A lot of people spend money every month on these teeth whitening products. So are they worth the money?

The truth is, some of them do work. However, most of them contain harsh and abrasive ingredients that makes them unsafe for consistent sue.


Also, a lot of them have negative side effects. Even if they produce the desired results, you probably should steer clear of them due to the long term dangers.


That’s not to say they are all bad.


For instance, there are herbal products you can buy over the counter. These don’t have the negative health effects, and therefore you might consider using them.


However, they don’t address the real problem.

As mentioned above, stained teeth are the result of the destructive habits people engage in. While applications might help them get rid of the stains, as soon as you stop using the products, your teeth will get discolored again.


That’s where lifestyle changes come in.

The bottom line is, most of the best “at home” teeth whitening solutions are natural. Implement these three tips, and you should see progress shortly.


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